About Guzzetta Financial Associates

Guzzetta Financial Associates is an independent, full service financial planning firm located in Greene, NY, a small, family oriented community in Upstate New York. Because we are a full service financial planning firm we can tailor a specific financial plan/investment program to meet the goal requirements of each of our clients. Independence gives us the advantage of putting the needs of our clients first and foremost over the selling of proprietary products.

An important aspect of Guzzetta Financial Associates' business is servicing company sponsored retirement plans. With over 38 years of combined, concentrated experience in company sponsored retirement plans and pensions, the firm's emphasis is on fulfilling the needs of both the participants and plan sponsors. These needs include:


  • An unbiased evaluation of a company's current plan

  •  Plan design incorporating a bundled or unbundled approach
  • Assist in the search and selection of a Plan provider and third party administrator (TPA) who will provide the "best fit" for the Plan design chosen

  •  Utilization of an open architecture of investments with active management of those investments (dependent on the Plan provider used)
  • Conducting onsite, group meetings with participants on a regular basis to discuss plan updates; general investment concepts; and other topics of collective interest to the participants

  •  Providing ongoing retirement planning advice for participants, in most cases, on an individualized, one-on-one basis
  • Working with the Plan sponsor on a regular basis to make recommendations and solicit feedback to improve the plan in employee communications; investment selections; introduction of additional plan features; regulatory updates and compliance; reduction/elimination of fiduciary exposure; etc.

  • Take on, where feasible, the ongoing tasks of enrollment, loan applications, and distributions
  • Acting as liaison between Plan sponsor and Plan provider.


If you are concerned about the quality of your investments within your current plan; low or declining participation rates; lack in transparency in the costs and fees being charged; or if your company sponsored plan is in need of a long overdue evaluation we can help. It is our ultimate goal to partner with you to provide your employees the very best retirement plan for the fees being charged. It is our belief that a quality company sponsored retirement plan is a highly valued benefit by employees, and should be one they can depend on to provide their retirement funding.