About Guzzetta Financial Associates

Guzzetta Financial Associates is an independent, full service financial planning firm located in Greene, NY, a small, family-oriented community in Upstate New York.  We can tailor a specific financial plan/investment program to meet the goal requirements of each of our clients. Independence gives us the advantage of putting the needs of our clients first and foremost over the selling of proprietary products.

  • 20+ years experience working with individuals, families and company sponsored retirement plans.
  • We are fiduciaries, our clients’ best interests come first.
  • We are an advisory for most of our clients.  Our fees are structured so that we do better when you do better.

We are committed to the Riskalyze concept to best serve our clients’ investment/retirement planning needs.  It provides the process of discovery by determining a client’s risk rating, comparing that to their investments’ risk rating and applying that information to an interactive retirement map.  It is the basis for designing an investment/retirement plan that works for them now and into the future.

Our investment portfolios are designed to perform.  They are:

  • Diversified.
  • Balanced for risk and the desired reward potential.
  • Selected from an open platform of investments that include the best money managers available in the industry.
  •  Monitored and optimized on a consistent basis.